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Maldives Business Awards takes on the ambition to introduce a platform to recognize and acclaim businesses who have shown exceptional performances in their respective fields.

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Award Categories

Industry Excellence

  1. Excellence in Finance (Banking and Finance)
  2. Excellence in Finance (Insurance)
  3. Excellence in Hospitality (Resorts)
  4. Excellence in Hospitality (Hotels and Guest Houses)
  5. Excellence in Hospitality (Liveaboards)
  6. Excellence in Hospitality (Tour Operators)
  7. Excellence in Fisheries and Agriculture
  8. Excellence in Utility
  9. Excellence in Food and Restaurants
  10. Excellence in Construction and Real Estate
  11. Excellence in Wholesale and Retail
  12. Excellence in Information and Communication
  13. Excellence in Transport and Logistics
  14. Excellence in Healthcare
  15. Excellence in Professional Services

Enterprise Excellence

  1. Startup of the Year
  2. MSME of the Year
  3. Employer of the Year
  4. Innovative Business of the Year
  5. Public Enterprise of the Year
  6. Foreign Direct Investment of the Year

Individual Excellence

  1. Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  2. Business Woman of the Year
  3. Inspirational leader of the Year
  4. Entrepreneur of the Year

People's Choice Awards(New)

  1. Best Marketing Campaign of the Year
  2. Best CSR Program of the Year

Elite Awards

  1. Business of the Year
  2. Lifetime Achievement Award

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